How to use Google Analytics to measure the SEO progress of your website?

In marketing, we use to purchase the concept of funnel to describe customer interactions. Purchase funnel includes three steps called a question, behavior, and conversion. The acquisition is building customer awareness and acquire customer interaction. Behaviour is when a customer interacts with your business and finally, conversion is when customers make a purchase or when making any transaction with your business.

Google Analytics also uses these three levels to display various types of reports and data filters to help you to analyze the progress of your website. 

When we setup google analytics with your website, analytics store a javascript code on your website to grab the data and then it transfers and store on google analytics. Google analytics shows the date from the point you configure google analytics with your website. It cannot show you the previous data. Data stored on google analytics cannot be changed. 


Google Analytics allows you to handle multiple accounts under one Organization. Each Google Analytics account has at least one Property which collects data independently through unique tracking code. Also, each property can have multiple views. You can use filters to determine what data you want to include in the reports for each view.

Users and User permissions


Google analytics helps to create multiple users to manage analytics accounts. By clicking “Admin”, Google Analytics lets you set user permissions for: “Manage Users,” “Edit,” “Collaborate,” or “Read and Analyze.”

    • “Manage Users” lets users add or remove user access to the account, property, or view.
    • “Edit” lets users make changes to the configuration settings.
    • “Collaborate” allows users to share things like dashboards or certain measurement settings.
    • And finally, “Read and Analyze” lets users view data, analyze reports, and create dashboards, but restricts them from making changes to the settings or adding new users.


By using google analytics reports you can monitor the acquisitions, behavior and conversions of your website visitors. Each level has a list of reports that help you to monitor the performance of your website. 

Your SEO Agency should give you access to google analytics accounts to overview the progress of you business. It definitely increase the transparency of the work done by your SEO Agency. 


If you really want to learn more about google analytics, you can directly register on google analytics academy to follow a set of courses that will definitely help you to improve your knowledge and also to get valid certifications for your completed courses.