SEO Strategy for Sri Lanka

What should be the best SEO strategy for the tourism industry in Sri Lanka after the Easter Sunday Attacks?

As everyone knows, after the Easter Sunday Attack happened on the 21st of April 2019, it badly affected the country's economy. It specially made a very bad hit to the tourism industry in Sri Lanka. All the foreigners started to search “Is it safe to visit Sri Lanka?”. 

After few days, almost all the hotel bookings, tour bookings and ongoing communications with travel agencies has been canceled. Countries started to issue travel advisories for travelers looking for Sri Lanka as their next destination.

Hotels started to depend on the local travelers. Tey started to run local promotions to at least to survive in the market. During this time, the number of searches came through the search engines has been reduced drastically. 

Market specialists thought most of the confirmed tours to Sri Lanka would have been redirected to other famous destinations like Bali, Thailand, Maldives and Vietnam. But on google trends, the market has not behaved in the way the market specialists expected. Though the search traffic to Sri Lanka is reduced, the web traffic is not redirected to the other destinations in Asia.

After a few days (from the mid of May 2019), search traffic to Sri Lanka is started to increase. There’s not a gradual increase in traffic but the traffic is increasing continuously. 

E-marketing experts and the Market analysts have changed their marketing strategies and putting more focus to the EU and other markets with special promotions, introducing itineraries with revised prices and also with new fixed departure tours. 

Especially the hotels started to give more competitive rates, room rate per night is reduced to compete with the other destinations. Other that just offering the room rates, hotels started to add more value additions to their packages. 

Tour operators are working with their travel agents to get more business by giving more attractive packages. They have started to put more focus on the countries like Australia and New Zealand.

As per the current situation in Sri Lanka, the country is making all their efforts to get the tourism industry back to normal. Everyone is expecting more traffic, conversions and more visitors in this small island again.