Whit is an SEO Progress Report

Any SEO Agency should update their client about the progress of the SEO work they do. In most cases, SEO Agency submits a monthly SEO Progress report to their client. 

This SEO Progress report is the only way for the client to monitor what actually the SEO Agency has done. Hence, this SEO Report should provide accurate information, with compared to previous data to show the progress in a very simple manner. It’s really important to provide information in a simple manner because your client is not an SEO expert and not very familiar with the SEO Terms or technical terms used by the SEO experts. 

There are a few important areas should cover the SEO report.

  1. Progress of the on-site SEO and off-site SEO work
  2. Performance improvements of the website
  3. KPI Achievements
  4. Recommendations

What information is the client expecting from an SEO Agency?

It depends on the client to client, but with the past records and the SEO industry experience, the following areas have been described. 

  • SEO Health: An overview of technical problems and errors that may affect SEO visibility.
  • Backlink Health: See the type of backlinks pointing at the client’s site.
  • Ranking Progress: See how rankings have changed and to keep tabs on any potential drop-offs.
  • Organic traffic progress: Quickly understand organic traffic and see what pages are driving traffic.
  • Sales/ Leads: Show clients tangible ROI gained from SEO.

Also, it’s important to explain to your client about the current market trends, the behavior of the competitor brands and finally about your approach to meet new trends and behaviours in the market. 

Other than reading a boring SEO statistics report, the client is always expecting suggestions from the SEO agency. There may be things that not happen in a way SEO Agency expected but, it should explain to the client with your approach to overcome the problems faced. 

In some cases, an SEO agency is not handling the Social Media Marketing of the client.  But, SEO Agency should provide the current status of the Social Media Activities and help the client to achieve better results through Social Media. 

SEO is not a short term assignment, the client has to wait for a plenty of time to see actual performances from the SEO work done by the SEO Agency. Hence the SEO Agency has the total responsibility of keeping the client happy and keep the client in a positive mindset to see the progress and results in the future.