What’s an SEO Audit?

In most cases, an SEO audit is done prior to doing a proper Search Engine Optimization to a website. There are plenty of SEO audit tools available online but it's difficult for anyone to understand what has to be done to overcome the issues explain on those audit results. Also, doing an SEO audit to the home page or a part of your website is not enough. It’s a must to run a proper SEO audit to the total website and identify the areas to be improved. 

We at REA SEO Masters will do a proper audit to your website and identify the main areas to be improved before we start to run our SEO strategy on your website. We will work closely with your website developer or development team to do the necessary changes on site to get better results. 


Following are a few areas that we cover under our SEO Audit trail.

  1. We check the security of your websites. 
  2. Speed up the site loading time. 
  3. Check the mobile-friendliness of your website. 
  4. Find and fix indexing problems.
  5. Check organic traffic
  6. Suggestions to improve your on-site SEO
  7. Analyze your backlinks
  8. Suggestions to improve the content
  9. Meta tags, ALT tags, and Title tags
  10. Check the URL structure and the sitemap
  11. Check the configurations with google search console, google webmaster tools and other monitoring tools.