On-site SEO

It's also known as on-page SEO in some parts of the world. It’s really important for you to have a proper understanding of what your SEO Agency is doing with your website throughout the on-site SEO process. 

Google is changing the SEO ranking algorithms from time to time. Initially, Google just looked at the keywords and decided the positions on google search results. But, nowadays these algorithms have been changed. Now Google checks the quality of your website contents before ranking your website. 

Page Titles: It’s really important to have keywords rich page titles on your website to get better rankings. It makes easier to google crawlers to understand your website. 

Header Tags: It’s required to organize your content with header tags. Placing header tags from H1 and using H2, H3 etc on subtitles is really important for crawlers to understand the content floor on your website. 

Page URL: It’s a plus mark to having some relevant keywords on your page URL also. Page URL must explain what is included inside of the page. 

Keywords optimization: Using all keywords everywhere is not the solution when you optimize your web contents.  You should identify sets of keywords that relevant to each page of your website. Then you should use these keywords on your page contents to make it a keyword-rich content. 

Alt Tags: It’s really important to use Alt tags to explain the multimedia like images on your website content.  Because google crawlers cannot read the multimedia contents. They understand what is included on multimedia by reading the Alt tags. On the other hand, using these Alt tags helps to index your images on google image search results.

You should also do frequent updates on your websites. Updating the existing content, Submit blog articles and creating new landing pages are few ways of updating your page content. Google crawlers give highest priority to the most frequently updated website. 

Keep track of what your competitors are doing:

Your competitors are working on the on-site SEO too. It’s important to keep track of what your competitor is doing to optimize the page contents. Sometimes, you may miss some important areas of on-site SEO. Sometimes you may miss describing some of the activities or things you do in your business. By monitoring your competitors and using correct on-site SEO techniques will definitely help you to see a remarkable growth on google search rankings.