Continuous Improvements

What are the improvements to be done continuously during the SEO process?

As everyone knows, White Hat SEO techniques will take comparatively a longer time to generate results. It’s difficult to tell how long it will take to perform your website, but it will not happen overnight for sure.

During this waiting time or the non-performing time, it’s really important to do continuous updates on your website to get the SEO results faster.  First thing SEO Agency could do is to add new content to the website. It may be a client review, extension to existing product detail, changes of prices, changing images or changes on your privacy policy. It’s important to keep alarming the search engines that your website is active.

Updating your XML sitemap is another important task to be done by your SEO Agency. There are plenty of online site map generator that generate sitemaps for free of charge, but it’s important to generate the sitemap by a well known party and update it in a correct place in your hosting server. Same time, updated information has to be setup on google webmaster tools/ google search console.

Publishing a blog under your domain is another way to keep your website live. As an example, if your site is then you can create a blog on You can ask the support of your web development team or you can do it yourself if you have a better understanding about your Content Management System (CMS). If you already have a blog on your domain then get the support of your SEO Agency to create keyword rich content and update your blog frequently.  There’s no any fixed amount of updates to be done for any selected time period. But in experience we can recommend to update a new blog article at least once a week.

If your social media platforms are correctly linked with your website then the updates running on each social media platform is also considered as an update doing to your website. You can ask your Social Media Agency or developer support to get this integration done accurately.

There are some important regular practices like checking for broken links, update internal links, create keyword rich URLs for the new articles are some of tasked to be managed by your SEO Agency.